Product sheet for download:
ict pdf

The product provides complete ICT management of administrative buildings, communication with external data services providers and structured wiring in a metallic or optical version.

The product also includes the creation of network documentation, overviews and updates of active features, and creation and administration of camera, security and entry systems.

For whom this is targeted:

For anyone who owns or manages a property and doesn’t have sufficient capacities in terms of personnel for maintaining and developing an ICT network 
For anyone who cares about the satisfaction of tenants in their building, where an ICT data network is an essential part of every working day
For anyone who cares about managing sensitive information and who wants to oversee the movement of external companies within the property

What we need to know in order for us to provide the ideal offer for you:
The topology of the property’s network
The technical solution of the property’s data network
Contractual relationships with external providers of data services within the property
Property security requirements

A sample contract can be found here: Smlouva o poskytování služeb elektronické komunikacea>

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