Product sheet for download:
reception and conciegre pdf
We will provide the entrance area of each company or facility with an experienced staff having appropriate qualifications, and also the knowledge of a foreign language, if required. We offer the following basic services for the operation of entrance reception areas:

Permanent information service both for tenants and visitors to the building, call termination services, receiving/sending mail, etc.
Oversight of tenants and other people entering the building
Obligations arising from the rules of the fire registration point and other fire protection guidelines
Additional sale of refreshment, arrangement of dry cleaning services, copying services

Concierge services
Besides the classic reception desk services we also provide professional and comprehensive assistance services at a high level, which are implemented as part of the reception. CONCIERGE is a service intended for all who do not want to waste their time on mundane matters or require normally unavailable exclusive service. With the CONCIERGE service the clients have a team of assistants at their hand, who are ready to fulfil all sorts of wishes in a moment, whether in this country or anywhere in the world. Simply contact your personal coordinator on the phone or Internet and express your wish.

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