Product sheet for download:
it administration

This product is designed for general disinfection of frequented spaces, focused on maximum reduction and elimination of viruses, bacteria, fungi, allergens and mites. The treated spaces become disinfected and clean for users and the disinfectants have a long-lasting effect (up to three weeks, if used properly).

For whom this is targeted:

For anyone who cares about the health of all persons in the place where they work or live.
For anyone who owns or runs properties (office buildings, hotels and any other accommodation facilities, educational institutions, production facilities, banks, cultural and sports facilities, hospitals and medical facilities and food industry facilities) even if only partly.
For anyone who has to keep such places safe and healthy in the long term.

What we need to know in order for us to provide the ideal offer for you:
Basic characteristics of the corporate network
The number of user stations and required active features
The required security level
SLA requirements

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