As part of this activity we offer comprehensive care for the client’s property. Professional approach and modern technical facilities increase the lifetime of the building and thus the value of our clients´ property. Comprehensive care includes in particular:
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Routine maintenance and operation of the property, inspection activities
Technical paperwork associated with facility managing
Emergency alert

Since the project start date, the client can enjoy the benefit of a strong partner with nationwide coverage to provide extensive maintenance for buildings through the mobile maintenance system controlled via central dispatching centre. In this system, the clients can easily (through HD...) input their requirements.

Administrative technical activity
Administrative technical activity will be carried out to the extent needed for the contract according to the client’s instructions and legislation.

The administrative activities of the technician include particularly:

Coordination and management of operational and technical facility management
Development of recommendations for streamlining operations for all technologies
Cooperation with the client's representative in the troubleshooting process
Processing of regular monthly reports on the fulfilment of work requirements for the client
Inspection control and archiving of inspection reports
Information of the client’s representative on the requirements of heads of individual branches
Documentation of the work performed and drawing up plan of necessary repairs and investments
Regular monthly specification of costs for ensuring the operation of individual branches in the extent and form as determined and agreed with the client
Preparation of data for invoicing annual accounts within the required deadlines

Emergency alert
Continuous emergency alert is provided through Arridere s.r.o. or contractors depending on the location and economic advantages for the client. Receiving emergency requirements of our clients nationwide during non-working hours is ensured by established emergency dispatcher.
These requirements can be accepted by phone primarily in the Arridere emergency control room.
Emergency control room staff immediately transmits the requirement to the designated employees of the local mobile maintenance centres, and subsequently informs the client about the course of dealing with emergency situation, or consults the intervention with the client.

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